Saviour King Multiventures, Inc. was established in April 2012 by Reginald Polancos. The company began by offering corporate give-away products, followed by opening a franchise of Crystal Clear Purified Water, both of which are no longer operational.

  • Reginald Polancos, President
  • Joanna Polancos, Vice President and Treasurer
  • Carmencita Gutierrez, Corporate Secretary
  • Director: Leilani Abando
  • Director: Ramon Gutierrez


Today, SKMI focuses on the distribution and promotion of various medical devices, specifically:

• BCURE Laser (Israel)- for treatment of body pain and inflammation, sports injuries and wound healing;
• BREAST-i (UK)- for early screening and detection of breast lumps and cancer;
• Safecath IJ cateheters (China)- catheters used for hemodialysis.

Mission and Vision

  • SKMI Aims

    Aims to its expand its product offerings in the near future and is actively searching for medical products that will help provide ease and accessibility to its users.

  • Mission

    SKMI aims to be the leading supplier, distributor and retailer of quality medical products and services in the Philippines.

  • Vision

    SKMI envisions to provide easy and accessibility to its customers by equipping them with quality medical products and services.

  • Opportunity Seeking

    Continuously, the company is looking for ways, products or services that will help the company grow in size, its portfolio and net worth. We embarked on market study for the use of minimally invasive surgery devices like cryosurgery, vein illumination and others.

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